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06 July 2021

Should your company go back to the office? Or is remote the future?

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Are you wondering what will be the future work trend post lockdown?

Are you wondering what will be the future work trend post lockdown? As a result of the lockdown, many companies became remote. Now that things are settling down and the lockdown is being lifted, companies need to decide whether they remain entirely remote or go back to pre-pandemic office life. We think the answer is somewhere in-between (hybrid) for now and with a future transition towards full remote.

We talked with Adeline, Head of People at Gorgias (a multi-channel helpdesk integrated with e-commerce merchants). She mentioned that they are taking the hybrid approach going forward. Some employees are happy to work remotely, and some are happy to come to the office. 
Many other companies are taking the same approach.

It’s a relatively new process for many companies, we are taking a closer look at how this will shape the future of the workforce.

Companies are also taking into account the following concerns:

Compensation concerns

When it comes to compensation, companies are divided into 3 main camps. 

However, there are problems with paying local salary wages for employees. Most of the issues related to compensation are part of one of the 2 major categories.

Culture concerns

Many companies during the lockdown remote forced trial experienced a loss of company cultural values. However, when asked if they took the time to make a remote culture strategy, most of them replied that they saw the lockdown as a temporary situation.

Companies looking to go completely remote usually have a Head of Remote position to fill in. This new role is centered around educating employees and especially the leaders to take a remote-first approach. The Head of Remote will develop and apply a remote strategy where everyone is included. 

With a Hybrid employment approach, the cultural problems can be quite hard to solve. You would have to somehow merge 2 distinct cultures, on the one hand, you have the everyday office culture, and on the other, you have the remote culture. How can you make sure you don't alienate the remote workers? You would have to always keep in mind equivalents for fruit baskets in the office for the remote employees and other similar situations. 
These are only some of the things to keep in mind when deciding to go for a hybrid employment culture.

To conclude, this space is rapidly shifting. Many companies have had a taste of the remote environment during the lockdown and decided on anything from remaining completely remote or going back to the office. With the remote approach, most companies need to solve the compensation problem and adjust the company culture and the fair local pay problem.

What do you think? Will this be a future work trend?

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