How to get clients for an IT recruiting agency?

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04 March 2022

Top 3 ways to get client for your recruitment agency

Many local recruiting agencies are having trouble getting clients. This is especially true if you are just starting your agency and lacking recurring clients.

In this article, we will look at the 3 ways to generate client leads and look a the pros and cons for each.

Companies are also taking into account the following concerns:

1 - Job posting websites 

Tips for new recruiters:

Find job postings and coupling them with email marketing is a very common way to reach out to companies. A few tips to get the most out of this is to do your research, we suggest looking at:

  • Does the company have an extensive talent acquisition team? A quick LinkedIn search should reveal this is probably not the best company to approach.
  • Is the company looking for common roles or more unique roles? When companies are looking for rare roles, it is common to off-source this.
  • Is the company hiring in bulk? This is the second most common reason companies hire recruiting agencies. 


  • You can act right away
  • You don’t need anything extra to start this process 
  • No cost


  • Very competitive (Many recruiting businesses are doing this, and you risk ending up one email among hundreds) 
  • Time-consuming (Lead generation can take quite a bit of time as well as the outreach itself) 
  • Low conversion (on average for 100 outgoing emails / LinkedIn messages, only 2.5 replies)

There are many websites, both international and local, that provide job openings, here are 5 of them: 

2 - Social media channels

Tips for new recruiters:

Another way to find clients as a recruiter is through social media channels. This is a more long-term approach, we suggest you:

  • Be active and contribute to the community, post, comment, engage and share. 
  • Identify relevant groups and join them. (this is especially relevant if you are just starting your network)
  • Continuously develop the network of both relevant clients and peers in the field.
  • Use your social media channels to actively promote your recruiting agency through posts, polls, etc. 


  • No cost upfront 
  • Can become very powerful 
  • Scales well 


  • Hard to develop (need to be active all the time, also need to write blogs or other articles to promote) 
  • It takes time to build the track record 

Some of the social media channels that are common and some you didn’t think about: 

3 - beHOP and other similar platforms

Tips for new recruiters:

Another way to get clients for your recruitment agency is by taking a more passive approach that allows for fast scaling. You can use platforms that show recruiter availability, similar to UpWork. This type of platform allows recruiting agencies to focus on candidate sourcing and source tasks related to getting clients to a third party.

  • Take the time to create a detailed company profile 
  • Instead of trying to cover too many different roles, we suggest focusing on several that you are best at.
  • Continuously develop the network of both relevant clients and peers in the field.
  • Convince your clients to give you reviews and recommendations on the platforms. 


  • Create a track record with a third party (this will help with the trust issues associated with the first contracts)
  • Scales easily
  • Scales globally


  • Cost money to get the full benefits
  • Takes time to build the track record 
  • No immediate effect

Some of the platforms doing something like this are: 

Final thoughts, we believe many recruiting agencies are actively reaching out to clients to expand their business. However, we believe that the combination of both actively engaging clients and having a passive approach that scales globally is the way forward that many recruiting businesses are lacking at this moment. 

I hope these business development tips helped your recruitment business get more clients.

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