Fair Compensation for Global Teams

Generate compensation offers in the browser and prevent the use of complicated multiple spread sheets that take a lot of time to maintain.

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Stop spending hours on compensation research when you hire remotely.

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The typical compensation process for remote hires takes 3 hours and is error-prone.

Companies that hire remotely regularly spend up to 3 hours of research per candidate on figuring out a fair localized salary offer. beHOP does the research for you, all you need to do is add a location, experience level, and a title.

Global localized compensation estimates in 1 min.

A streamlined reliable solution, that works in your browser.

With beHOP, HR departments can replace all the websites they use as salary sources with one global tool that is fast and simple. beHOP can generate the offer in the browser, thus preventing the use of complicated spreadsheets that are hard to maintain.

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Generate accurate compensation offers

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Sync with your HR software

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Streamlined process error-free

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Works out of the box

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Allocate equity based on departments

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Your benefits with beHOP

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Free up time to help people achieve their full potential and other more critical tasks.

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Avoid making compensation mistakes that can cost the company money or credibility.

Keep up with industry salary trends in individual countries

Stay up to date with industry changes in individual countries. Making well-informed yearly salary updates will be easy. Be proactive and avoid losing talent by adjusting salaries on time.

Customize the Offers

Send several compensation options in one offer letter so that your candidates can choose their own risk tolerance.

Benchmark salaries across many countires

The ability to benchmark across many countries helps businesses set competitive local salaries and maintain the same pay percentile independent of location.

Global remote hiring - Here to stay!

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The projections show that between 20% -53% of the workforce will prefer to work remotely or partly remotely after the pandemic. This problem is not temporary, it's here to stay.