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Remote employees are paid differently!

There is a fundamental difference between local and remote salaries, yet most salary data providers mash the two into an average.

Remote experience matters

Companies are paying extra to get to candidates that have previously worked in a remote environment. Remote experienced candidates integrate easier into a remote workflow, and there is a smaller chance for them to churn.

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Remote employees relocate? Easy fix!

Flexible work environments will be a standard in the future office. HR professionals need to be able to plan for a distributed global workforce with accurate compensation.

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More time

Free-up your time to help people achieve their full potential and other more critical tasks.

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Take charge!

Stay proactive rather then reactive and answers before questions are asked.

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Less Errors

Error free
Avoid making compensation mistakes that can cost the company money or credibility.

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Base your decisions on data and research. Have a solid base when taking salary decisions.

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Stay confident and don't let others influence salary decisions

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Integrate with ease

Connect salary data easily into your existing workflows. beHOP integrates with other HR systems so that you can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Find a remote talent in new locations

Discover new pools of talent in eastern Europe and central Asia. beHOP aggregates recruiters and local employers from different countries for peer review to help entering a new pool of talent with confidence.

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Benchmark compensation across many countries

The ability to benchmark across many countries helps businesses set competitive local salaries and maintain the same pay percentile independent of location.

Customize candidate offers

Send several compensation options in one offer letter so that your candidates can choose their own risk tolerance.

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Keep up with industry salary trends worldwide

Stay up to date with industry changes in individual countries. Making well-informed yearly salary updates is important to maintain employees happy and motivated. Be proactive and avoid losing talent by adjusting salaries accordingly and on time.